Why text prayers?

In our research, approximately 2/3 of a congregation has a prayer request, yet most are afraid to ask for prayer. Messages on a Mission lets your people send their requests from their seats without the apprehension of coming forward. It enhances your prayer time by encouraging a large group of people to pray for each other, not just their own needs.

Is it only for prayers/churches?

Not at all! We know that two way communication is more effective than one way. Messages on a Mission allows an audience to send in questions or comments that can be answered by the speaker for two-way communication! This also works for conferences, business meetings, etc.

How does it work?

It’s simple.
Open the approval window in a browser.
Open the presentation in your presentation software.
Approve each message in the approval window.
Messages appear in your presentation!

Phone numbers are never shown in the presentation.

Text messaging from your congregation to the big screen, in real time!